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Extend AD Schema to Support Apple MCX...

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  • Extend AD Schema to Support Apple MCX...

    Okay... here's where I'm at so far.

    I raised our domain and forest functional levels to 2003 native... from there I followed the following instructions:

    1) Get a copy of “apple.schema” files from a Mac OS X Server in “/etc/openldap/schema”
    2) Install Microsoft ADAM on a Windows server (Included with 2003R2)
    3) Run “ADSchemaAnalyzer.exe”
    4) Choose "File/Load target schema...", next click the "Load LDIF..." button and select the “apple.schema” file (change the file type to "All files *.*")
    5) Choose "File/Load base schema..." and connect to your AD domain controller.
    6) Choose "Schema/Mark all non-present elements as included"
    7) Choose "File/Create LDIF file..." and save it as “apple.schema.ldf”
    Make sure that the domain controller you're connecting to has schema updates enabled
    9) Install the schema extensions via command prompt Example: C:\> ldifde /i /f apple.schema.ldif /v /k /c “DC=X” “DC=SF,DC=PRETENDCO,DC=COM”
    10) Make sure to disable schema updates on the domain controller you're connected to

    This all appeared to suceeed. Yet, when I use the Apple Workgroup Manager to add Mac MCX information to existing objects, I fail with error -14140 and -14142. Has anyone overcome this before?

    Thanks in advance,