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Active Directory Upgrade

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  • Active Directory Upgrade

    We have had a single Win2k Server AD PDC here and I just recently upgraded it to Win 2003 Server. I even added another Win 2003 backup domain controller for good measure and made it a global catalog as well. Everything seems to be working well except for the fact that I can't view the list of computers in the domain (Microsoft Windows Network) from any of the workstations (it opens, but is empty), and I can't even open the domain computers container on the secondary PDC (Message: The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available). Everyone can log in to the domain and can open UNC shares from anywhere without any apparent problems. I have tried various remedies without any results, does anyone out there have any ideas for a solution?

    ...Thanks in advance for your help

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    Re: Active Directory Upgrade

    Well, I figured it out. The moral of the story is -- don't multihome your Active Directory Domain Controller. In my infinite wisdom I had 2 NIC's on the PDC thinking it would add redundancy; what it did was confuse all the computers as to just where the PDC lived. I simply disabled the second NIC and -- voila!

    What led me down the path to this conclusion was that I noticed that all of a sudden the WINS servers had the second NIC listed as the PDC's IP address. Since DNS had the PDC listed with the first NIC, I can only assume there was a major gap in the route to resolution.

    Anyway... I hope my goof helps somebody in the future.


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      Re: Active Directory Upgrade

      Thanks for posting back your fix, much appreciated.
      If you're server has dual NICs you can probably team them to give yourself fault tolerance. Check your servers downloads page to see if there is any NIC management software.

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