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  • Moving current domain to child Domain

    Hello Folks:
    Before I go on I should say that my experience with active directory is not as well versed as I would like. I have a few questions and I am finding it hard figure out where to start. I suppose I should probably describe my department's current structure.
    The Research department in my company has always had rather special needs when it comes to IT, so its networking and computing services have always been handled within the department, in other words corporate does not have much to do with our network. We have a small domain of about 300 workstations and 400 users. The person that was here before me setup an active directory domain (forest root domain) of "". And everything currently falls in this domain. We have about 50 websites under, printing services, File sharing, tones of Organizational Units that have been delegated to their corresponding leads in the research department and so on.
    Recently, I have been asked to get together with the Domain administrators for our entire company ("") and to identify what would need to happen IF management decided to bring the research department under the corporate domain. What has been suggested is to bring in research as a child domain and that administration for that child domain ( would be delegated to us from the parent domain (
    I have a few concerns about this.
    First, reseach always has had many custom configurations on our side of the network when it comes to users, security groups, file sharing permissions, group policies, website and FTP access, DFS, DNS, etc. I want to know if there is anything that I should be worried about that administration delegation for our child domain would not cover once we move under corporate. I suppose what I am really asking is that if I would be able to completely and ultimately manage our side of the domain just as I do right now that it is segregated.
    Second, I have read documentation that talks about setting up a parent domain and then setting up a child domain and delegating administration of it at that point. But their domain "" and our domain "" already exist, they each have their own security groups, distribution groups, users, PCs, etc. My DNS is configured to forward all requests for any domains that do not fall within "" to the dns servers for "" and vice versa. However, there is no configuration that currently specifies domain or forest trusts between both networks. So how would we be able to bring our current network (websites, ftp sites, file servers, print servers, dns, dhcp, etc.) under the corporate network? When ou are installing AD in the beginning it asks you if you want to make it part of an existing forest or tree, but how would you do that after the fact?
    I hope that makes some sense.
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    Re: Moving current domain to child Domain

    You cannot "move" under if they have been created independantly. They are now separate forests and will always be separate forests. You can create a new child domain "research2" in the "" forest, and then use a migration tool to migrate the users, groups, OUs etc... but it can get messy - and of course you can't simply rename the domain later.

    I think you're in a bit of a "rock and hard place" situation.

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      Re: Moving current domain to child Domain

      thank-you for your reply, I had a fear that this may be the case.