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Sharing a file server between domains

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  • Sharing a file server between domains

    Not sure if this is an AD issue or not....

    What I've done is set up a a file server with multiple NICs (connected to two separate networks) that is to be used as a file server for two domains (A & B). I have set up a trust relationship between the domains and added the Domain Admins groups from both A & B into the local admin group. I have given share permissions to everyone with full control, NTFS permissions are set to give domain admins full control. The file server is a member of Domain A.

    So, if I log in as a domain admin (domain A or B) to the file server locally or through Remote desktop I can administer the shares on the local hard drive. I can add and remove permissions to the folders from both domains. If I connect to the share through the network while logged in to the file server as a Domain A or B admin it works fine. If I connect to the share through the network on a remote machine from Domain A it also works fine

    My problem is that as soon as I log in as a Domain B admin from a remote machine, connect to the network share and try to add permissions, it only allows me to add local (file server) permission to the folders. No domain permissions are allowed to be added from either domain.

    This seems specific to the machine. What am I missing?
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