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System State Restore on a DC

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  • System State Restore on a DC


    Our DC recently crashed and would not start in the OS. We have system state backups using NTBACKUP in native mode.
    I tried many things in order to correct the booting problem but nothing worked.
    I had no choice but to reinstall Win 2003 STD SP1 (original OS).
    What's the best way to restore our one and only DC (I know it's not good practice)?
    I tried to symply run NTBACKUP restore to original location and it failed. It failed to write some dll files (access denied).
    Now I'm getting a blue screen (Stop error C000021a).
    Do I need to run dcpromo first and then go in to Domain Controller Recovery mode?
    Please help. Our company is riding on this to work. Thanks.

    P.S. I'm new to the job and I did not set this up.
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    Re: System State Restore on a DC

    It sounds to me that you may have hardware issues with the server or the ntbackup was corrupt.

    You have done the right thing. As it is a fresh install and is currently not a DC, you can recover system state by logging on as normal. You then choose the option of 'system state' when attempting the restore.

    Have you identified what caused the fault in the first place? Have you scanned the HDD for bad sectors and checked memory etc? Remove 1 stick at a time and test and so on.
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      Re: System State Restore on a DC

      Thanks for the quick response Virtual!

      I checked the hardware the first time it blue screened on me. I ran disk check and repair tools. Everything seems fine. There were no added H/W recently. The last thing I remember was running a Windows update (security patch). I've booted with ERD Commander and removed it as part of my troubleshooting. It won't even go in to recovery or safe mode at this point. I'm in the process of reinstalling Win 2003 STD SP1.

      Why would I get a denied access error after the restore was complete? Should I be doing this in safe mode?


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        Re: System State Restore on a DC

        Not sure why the access would be denied. I take it you still tried the recovery with SP1 installed and not SP2? Not sure whether that would make a difference anyway.

        It will be worth double checking the memory, just in case that is the issue.


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          Re: System State Restore on a DC

          I'm installing SP2 now...I'll keep you posted.

          I reading the following article.

          Restore a domain controller through reinstallation and restore from backup

          It explains that I should not be in Active Directory restore mode during a system state restore. I guess I'll try it one more time. I do have a back of the root drive C: on an external drive. Would I be able to do this manually?

          Copying the SYSVOL, database files... and so on?


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            Re: System State Restore on a DC

            It depends if the machine is a DC already. If it'sa DC then you have to go through Directory Services restore mode to restore System State. As your is a fresh installation, you won't even have that option.

            You mentioned having W2k3 Standard SP1. Was the system state backup for a SP1 patched machine or SP2?


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              Re: System State Restore on a DC

              It worked! After installing SP2 I was able to restore from the backup.

              I'm facing another issue though of register the copy of the OS with Microsoft.

              It won't let me in the OS but I do see the domain as an option and I'm able to use the domain admin account credentials. Then I'm stuck because the LAC is not configure for internet connectivity and therefore I can't activiate windows by internet. Stuck rebooting untill activation.
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                Re: System State Restore on a DC

                So far, so good.

                It will give you the option to activate by telephone. If you choose that option and then your country, it will give you the 'toll free' number to use.

                Sometimes you have to click 'Change Product ID', which will be he w2k3 code you have. It will then give you a code that you input in to the phone. Usually, the process is successful these days, so a voice will then give you a code to type in and it's activated. If not, it just redirects you to Microsoft and they will ask for the last series of digits, ask how many machines it is installed on and give you a code to type in.


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                  Re: System State Restore on a DC

                  I wish it were that simple I get the login prompt then a windows product activation window (which seems like a runtime error window with a red X. It says, "This cop of windows must be activated with Micorsoft before you can continue. You cannot log on until you activate Windows. Do you want to activate Windows now?"
                  "To shut down the computer, click Cancel"
                  "Yes" No" or "Cancel"

                  When I click on yes, It says saving settings and goes back to the login prompt.

                  No and cancel do the same.

                  Is there a way to crack it using BartPe or ERD Commander? In the registry, boot files or system directory?

                  I called Microsoft and and I got transfered 4 times between the CUstomer services department and the Activation Department. No one knows how to correct this. They suggested to speak to the Technical Dept and someone will call me back within 1 business day and there will be a charge. I don't want to pay for something they've forced on me. My copy of Win 2003 STD is an OEM 1-4CPU 5Clt.

                  I should probably post this somewhere else now that it's a different problem... huh?


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                    Re: System State Restore on a DC

                    Whatever you do, don't post elsewhere as it could be deemed as a double post. You could requst here to create another one and ask permission of an adminstrator/moderator or better still, request for it to be moved to another forum on here such as Windows 2003 . I know what you are saying though. It may be worth requesting it.

                    I take it you can't even change a code anywhere. It is only that prompt box. Was the OEM copy for that server do you know?
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                      Re: System State Restore on a DC

                      That's what I was told. They only have one copy of Win 2003 STD OEM and one server (at the time). I had just installed the OS today and I still had 30 days for activation, then after the system restore I rebooted and now I'm having this problem. Nothing seems to be easy anymore What if I had activated before restoring? Would it have made a difference? Not sure....


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                        Re: System State Restore on a DC


                        I was able to activate Windows by activating before restoring (System State) the AD. I had to copy all the wpa files in System32 folder along with the oobe folder. Start up with MiniPE and restore the files and folders. I was able to login after the restoration.

                        I am facing another issue of TCP/IP protocol (stack) not working ( does not reply).
                        DHCP, DNS and AD services do not work. All the necessary services do not start.

                        I need to fix the TCP/IP problem inorder to fix the rest.

                        I don't have AD users and Computers, DNS Server and DHCP under Administrative Tools.

                        Whe I go to Administrative Tools > Manage Your Server....I can see DHCP, DNS FS, PS and AD all installed. I can actually open AD user and Computers from there and verify the restoration worked. I see all the OUs, Users, Computer, Printer, etc. all in tact.

                        Does anyone have any suggestions at this point? Thanks for all your help thus far.
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                          Re: System State Restore on a DC

                          Well done. Thanks for the post showing how you resolved.

                          Have you tried uninstaling and reinstalling the NIC?


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                            Re: System State Restore on a DC

                            It doesn't allow me to uninstall the NIC drivers from device manager.

                            There are net6 drivers and protocols left over from Citrix Secure Client. I think they have something to do with the problem.

                            I'll try to reinstall Citrix Secure client and see if corrects the problem.

                            After the system state restore I lost all my applications and I have a bunch of errors. Thanks Microsoft!!!!

                            I have some reg cleaning to do I just want to get AD up and running along with Exchange, then I'll worry about cleaning the registry and reinstalling software.

                            The company has been down for a few days now. Lots of pressure on me

                            I'm only there part time. I am currently at my fulltime job as a network admin. I going to their company after work.


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                              Re: System State Restore on a DC

                              Good luck. Keep us posted.