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Primary DC Dead and isn't returning

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  • Primary DC Dead and isn't returning

    Hi Folks,

    A couple of weeks ago our Primary dc died it was an old server and the decision was taken not to repair it but exist on our other dc. So I seized all the FSMO roles and ran a metadata /cleanup thinking this was all I needed to do.

    Since I have noticed that workstations freeze momentarilily when clicking on the start menu (this has folder redirection to a folder on the server). When I looked in the event viewer it shows lots of Replication errors (NTDS), i can post these errors tomorrow if you wish.

    Both servers are still listed in Active Directory Sites and Services but both point at themselves for replication. I'd really like to know what else I need to do to tidy up after the primary dc failure?

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Primary DC Dead and isn't returning

    The metadata cleanup should have fixed a lot of it although you should still be able to delete the extra entries in AD where you find them.
    Make sure your clients don't point to the old server for DNS still, make sure your current DC is a GC. Run DCDiag and NetDiag against it (links in Misc forum sticky) and run something like the "netdom /query fsmo"
    To check the roles are all ok.

    You may have used a non SP1 version of NTDSUtil?

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