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Unstable DC's in my AD infra

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  • Unstable DC's in my AD infra

    I added new DC to my domain.
    last Saturday I tranferred "Infrastructure Master" role to new DC
    Old dc running Infra master role is just a GC and LLC server. [ License server]
    Unfortunattly after rebooting old DC on last Sunday, it failed to start. It's showing me "UNABLE_TO_MOUNT" blue screen. I am scanning its hdd and found bad sectors.

    Now the scenario in my domain is like this and I want to repair it. How can I? Please give me some hints.

    All DC's are running Windows Server 2003 STD edition.
    Existing 3 DC's + 1 Exchange server
    1 DC holding Schema, PDC Emulator, RID master
    1 DC Infra master
    All DC's are GC's.

    I have 2 DC's in another location and they are child. Nothing changed there.
    Right I am having problem with Outlook of PC's.
    Sometimes Outlook pop-ups message saying trying to retrive mails from my child mail server which it should not.
    All outlooks are able to send/receive mails but dont no why its happening since today morning.
    I checked my both DNS servers and they are running fine. No DNS erros or any suspicious errors in event logs on all DC's.

    What shall I do now?
    I just did manual replication to all DC's in my forest.
    Any suggesions .. ?

    All in 1
    Solaris,Linux & Windows admin + networking.

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    Re: Unstable DC's in my AD infra

    Make sure no machines have their DNS setup to look at the failed DC.

    Personally I would assume it is dead now and never bring it back without wiping it. Corruption could have affected quite a few things.

    You can remove the failed DC from AD using this (LINK)

    Can you run dcdiag and netdiag.
    Are all DCs in the same AD site? If so do you really need the DCs in the remote site to be GCs?

    I would wait for further thoughts from others though.

    Please read this before you post:

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      Re: Unstable DC's in my AD infra


      Sorry for late reply.
      I was recovering that dead DC.
      Fortunattly it got rebooted after doing some repairy.
      I removed hdd and fixed in to other machine.
      I performed chkdsk & while virus scanning, surprisingly found 2 trojans in it.
      Also performed defrag.

      Fix back hdd and it worked.
      But account lock out issues still arissing to many users.
      I removed 1 DC today afternoon sucessfully. [ I mean no errors it showed.]
      Now I have 3 DC's + Exchange server. [ Sorry I missed 1 more DC count in my 1st post. ]
      I changed GC's from all DC's to single DC.
      Now the DC which holds Schema master and remaining roles except Infrastructure master role is the only server in my AD which is a GC.
      I just did manual replication and found 1 error as follows :
      The following error occured during the attempt to synchronize naming context from domain controller xyz to domain controller

      An invalid parameter was specified for this replication operation.

      This operation will not continue.
      What to do in this case?
      I am pretty sure account lock out happening because of this issue.
      Can you help me with that?

      All in 1
      Solaris,Linux & Windows admin + networking.