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  • add/remove program permission

    Hi! Is there any way to set permission who can add/remove program in a group or a specific user of a domain?

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    yip, use GPO's ( providing you are using a domain)

    create one to disable access to add/remove programs,assign the GPO to the group, works a treat.
    Assuming you are aware of how to do this? if not let us know.



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      Thank you for your help but i am quiet new to this so please tell me how to do. Thanks!


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        well first thing you wanna do is download a couple of things, so you can run this in a console which is a lot easier.

        download adminpak

        Then grab GPMC ( this is for group policy)

        grab those for now, and install adminpak then gpmc, and let me know, and we can go from there.


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          I already got the files, please tell what to do next. Thanks!


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            ok so guessing you have installed these?

            open up mmc in your start\run and create a console.

            add AD and group policy management ( for easy use)

            when you go into your group policy management, you will see a layout the same as your AD.

            To disable add/remove for users, you need to create a GPO.

            Before you do this, i presumme you have your AD layed out so you can enforce different policies onto different groups, or you just want to apply to everyone?

            To create your policy to disable add/remove do the folllowing:

            under your group policy management you will see a dir called

            Right click and select NEW
            It was ask you to name your policy ( i always label mine simple, e.g. (user) no access to add/remove )

            sorry more to come shortly
            been called away somewhere


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              Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate that. Please continue when you have time! It's not urgent. I am also trying to teach myself!


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                Do you still need help ?

                Sorry i have been away for a bit, let me know and i can help ya out.