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disaster recovery planning

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  • disaster recovery planning

    I am now in the process of planning a disaster recovery plan for my company. But my google attempt has led to no where and I can't see to find guide that can help me.

    We currently have 15 servers total in our headquarter and we have chosen an offsite office located in another province. I am in the process of deploying a MPLS network with fibre connection on both site.

    I am hoping to create a system that transparent to 6 vpn satellite office should HO disappear from the face of the earth. The closest thing I can find is VMWare but migrating our office to VMware would be alot of works.

    some info:
    HO: 192.168.200.x
    15 servers total: 2 domain controller, 2 exchange server, 4 SQL server and various application server.

    backup office: 192.168.220.x
    no server so far but could possible end up with virtualize environment to cut down on hardware.

    Is there a 3rd party software or a microsoft software available in the market capable of automatically switching over should the HO server disappear and reconfigure the DNS to repoint all AD function to the backup office.

    thank you in advance.


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    Re: disaster recovery planning

    If AD only you might install additional DC's at the remote site.
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      Re: disaster recovery planning

      There is replication software like DoubleTake etc that can be used for Exchange and SQL. More DCs like Dumber says. Exch 2007 has builtin options. Depends on the money and business requirements.

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        Re: disaster recovery planning

        Originally posted by Dumber View Post
        If AD only you might install additional DC's at the remote site.
        Our headoffice hold all the FSMO role. Should our head office is destroy by disaster, how do I protect the FSMO role and have it transfer automatically to the backup site?


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          Re: disaster recovery planning

          If a role holder is destroyed, then you can't transfer the FSMO roles, you have to seize them.

          After seizing one or more roles from a server, you must never connect that server back to the network - you must reinstall the operating system on it first.

          As for automatically seizing the roles... I'm not sure if that's possible, nor wise. If the WAN link fails between the two sites, you don't want the roles being seized as you would then have to rebuild the DCs at the remote site. You *could* write a script that pings the remote site and seizes if the roles if there's no response, but as your script has no way of knowing whether it's the DC or the WAN link that's failed, I would strongly recommend against doing that.
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