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How to merge (2) 2003 Forests

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  • How to merge (2) 2003 Forests

    I need to merge 2 forests. All DCs are Windows 2003 SP 2.

    Originally when this network was set up, these were 2 physically separated networks. They have reconfigured to bring the networks together and want to merge the forests together to minimize administration. They do not want to just do trusts, they would like them to be in 1 forest. I am attaching a PDF diagram of current vs. future state.

    I do have a few points I need clarification from the experts on:

    I was planning on using the Domain rename tool to change Forest 1 to the proper name.
    1. What do I do with the Root Domain? Should I leave it or create a child domain name of STUDENTS? If I create a child domain won't that cause a problem because of duplicate name? How will that affect the domain I am merging in?

    I was planning on using a stub DNS zone, 1 way trust and ADMT to merge Forest2 (old Root Domain=Local) to new Domain (Domain=FACULTY) in Forest 1. I know using PES with ADMT it will require the users to change the password at first login.
    2. Can I turn this requirement back off via AD front end tools or is this a bit flipped behind the scenes?

    3. If computers are not available at time of conversion (laptops on vacation, etc..) is it best to manually disjoin from domain, rejoin to new domain, and wipe local profile whenever they do come available?

    4. Any idea on how long this will take? There are 1500 users in STUDENTS & 250 users in Local (becoming Faculty).
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    Re: How to merge (2) 2003 Forests

    Did you use invisible ink to make the PDF document? I can't see anything in the file when saved/opened in different ways.

    You can Edit the post and insert the file again.
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      Re: How to merge (2) 2003 Forests

      PDF attachment is fine you just have to double click it to bring it up in Adobe Reader (or the better viewer....Foxit ).

      I have attached a .jpg attachment of the same information that now shows inline in the post. Thanks for your response and looking forward to you answers!


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        Re: How to merge (2) 2003 Forests

        No, PDF shows blank in Adobe 9.0 reader on my system
        Anyway, we've now got your jpg which is much easier to use
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          Re: How to merge (2) 2003 Forests

          Can you outline the DNS and NETBIOS domain/forest names of the initial and desired domains/forests ? From your diagram this is not really clear.
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