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Detail sync - AD and EXCH2003

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  • Detail sync - AD and EXCH2003

    I have an environment which contains 1 W2K3 Std that acts as a dc1. and one w2K3 Std that acts as an exchange server 2003.

    The problem is that when i change someone's detail (First name, last name, display name , phone number etc.) via the dsa.msc it doesnt sync to the Exchange server's GAL.

    In fact , i dont even see the changes when i list the users at the dsa.msc window! and yes, i did refresh the page. and waited for a couple of days.
    The details do get updated (if i go to the properties of the user i do see the changes i've made).

    By the way, it's a really small network (10 users) .

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Detail sync - AD and EXCH2003

    What SP on the OSes and Exchange? Is everything up to date?

    Any problems in the event log, or highlighted by dcdiag?
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      Re: Detail sync - AD and EXCH2003

      i ran dcdiag , but the dc passed all the tests.
      i tried updating a users' phone number and then i went to the Exchange system manager and clicked on update now (on the recipeint update service) then i opened the outlook and searched for that user. no detail is shown except for his first and last name.

      nothing in the eventvwr too.

      the dc is w2k3 std sp2 and the mail server is ex2k3 sp2.

      any other advices?