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Acitive Directory IP address migration

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  • Acitive Directory IP address migration

    I have been seaching the web for some guidance but was unable to find any solid documentation on it. Here is my situation:

    We have a head office with 2 domain controller and 2 exchange server. we have 7 statellite office all connected to our headoffice via VPN. Most of our satelite office has a domain controller on site. In our head office, 1 domain controller is acting as DNS and DHCP. The satellite office domain controller is acting as DNS and DHCP as well. Our headoffice has grown significantly and will require a new IP range to acomodate the growing demand. Our headoffice is currently using 192.168.200.x subnet. We would like to update the headoffice to a network. Can someone give me some direction on this.

    Thank you.


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    Re: Acitive Directory IP address migration

    Yes you can migrate from Class C to Class A but it is very slow process.

    First : Changes required in your Network Settings for Class A not only in HO but on all the Satellite routers.

    Second: Manually add the Secondary IP address of Class A on each Server in HO and manually change the 5 client's IP address to Class A and test for the Impact. I Believe there will be no impact, because DNS will update the Secondary IP address automatically.

    Third: Once confirmed that all changes are fine then you could add the Class A scope in DHCP for final deployment.

    Manish Nadkarni
    Best Regards ,
    Manish Nadkarni


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      Re: Acitive Directory IP address migration

      IMHO, do this over a "down time" e.g. a holiday weekend (just the right time of year...)

      Document all static IPs first
      Reduce DHCP scope lease time to something very short (4 hours?)
      Take network offline at HO and
      1) Change routers
      2) Edit VPNs (and any static routes at satellite offices)
      3) Bring up servers and change IPs
      4) Change Printer and other device IPs
      5) Add new DHCP scope and configure
      6) Bring up Clients
      7) Test and revise as needed
      Tom Jones
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      PhD, MSc, FIAP, MIITT
      IT Trainer / Consultant
      Ossian Ltd

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        Re: Acitive Directory IP address migration

        thank you for all the advice.. So far so good.. everything seem to be working.