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Permissions problem?

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  • Permissions problem?

    Problem: I cannot access shares on my NAS workgroup over my domain using the normal UNC \\(IP or Server)\Share path.

    1.) The ReadyNAS 1100 [WARNING: Not for use on a domain.] is set up as a User Share workgroup.
    - The users and groups are trusted to be set correctly. They have been reviewed several times.

    2.) The domain is multi-tiered, all running Win 2003 Server. DNS, DHCP, Active Directory are trusted to be installed correctly. WINS is not installed (not needed).

    3.) Http(s) and CIFS are running and operational on NAS. They are functioning. They have the correct permissions. Testing has proven this.
    - http(s):// works, both as normal webpage and with WebDAV enabled.
    - The http(s) services are my backdoor and workaround this issue. I'd use ftp, but it is not allowed.

    4.) Elevated Admins [AdminTier3 Security Group] can access the UNC path. People not in this group will not be able to access this device through Windows Explorer.
    - Error: The specified network name is no longer available.
    - Error occurs with .bat and .vbs scripts, Map Network Drive and accessing the path through Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer (ver 6 and 7).

    5.) Domain: DOMAIN
    - Workgroup: WKGROUPNAS
    - Device name: NAS0001
    - IP Address:
    - DNS:

    6.) Object created in Active Directory for DNS name resolution.
    - DNS entry is correct and functioning.

    These are my findings. I do not know if this is everything, I have a feeling I left something out. Hopefully one of you'll be able to solve my dilemma; a fresh set of eyes, maybe.

    Questions I've been asking myself:

    Is this a GPO permission?

    I've never created a security group, if this is an Active Directory "thing", what permission do I apply and how?

    Why is it admins can access the workgroup and not normal users?

    Could it be a local service that is only enabled for admin accounts?

    How about a local file?

    Is there a hack around this?



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    Re: Permissions problem?

    Could you help me with the Error while you face in accessing.
    Best Regards ,
    Manish Nadkarni


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      Re: Permissions problem?

      Admin account:
      Go to: \\\Share001 - or - \\NAS0001\Share001
      Login credentials pop-up: U/N: normal_user1 or admin
      BAM! I'm in. Full read/write access.

      Normal account:
      Go to: \\\Share001 - or - \\NAS0001\Share001
      Login credentials pop-up: U/N: normal_user1 or admin
      Error: The specified network name is no longer available.

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I work odd hours.