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Home Direcotry and IIS FTP Problem

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  • Home Direcotry and IIS FTP Problem

    Good Evening,

    Hi to all my first post here.

    I am using Active Director and the IIS FTP. I want the one FTP Server to give different users different directories and no access to each others so what I did was select the Home Directory option in the IIS FTP but when ever I try to connect to the FTP it says it can't connect to the users Home Directory.

    Now in AD I have opened up my user and gone to the 'Profile' tab and entered the Home Folder as 'Local' and put the drive and folder I wanted the FTP to access, That didn't work so I tried the Connect drive option and entered it as a network path: \\servername\share\folder

    As you can guess that didn't work and entering it into Profile Path didnt work either.

    What am I doing wrong?