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Modify "group-Display" Display Specifier

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  • Modify "group-Display" Display Specifier


    I want to change the column list for the "members" tab in the property page of a group object is ADUC. Currently, when you open a group and navigate to members, there are two columns; "name" and "active directory folder".

    The column i want to change is "name"; which is based off the cn. I need the cn to remain the same forest wide. I need to change the column to be the user "Display Name" instead.

    Name:--------------Active Directory Folder

    Name:--------------Active Directory Folder

    I managed to dig around and found a possible start (below) but wanted to get your guys input. The following is an output for the group-Display object.

    objectClass = displaySpecifier
    ObjectCategory = Display-Specifier
    cn = group-Display
    adminPropertyPages = 1,{6dfe6489-a212-11d0-bcd5-00c04fd8d5b6}
    adminPropertyPages = 2,{6dfe648b-a212-11d0-bcd5-00c04fd8d5b6}
    adminPropertyPages = 3,{6dfe6488-a212-11d0-bcd5-00c04fd8d5b6}
    adminPropertyPages = 4,{4E40F770-369C-11d0-8922-00A024AB2DBB}
    shellPropertyPages = 1,{f5d121ee-c8ac-11d0-bcdb-00c04fd8d5b6}
    shellPropertyPages = 2,{dde2c5e9-c8ae-11d0-bcdb-00c04fd8d5b6}
    classDisplayName = Group
    attributeDisplayNames = cn,Name
    attributeDisplayNames = c,Country Abbreviation
    attributeDisplayNames = description,Description
    attributeDisplayNames = distinguishedName,X500 Distinguished Name
    attributeDisplayNames = l,City
    attributeDisplayNames = managedBy,Managed By
    attributeDisplayNames = member,Members
    attributeDisplayNames = notes,Notes
    attributeDisplayNames = physicalDeliveryOfficeName,Delivery Office
    attributeDisplayNames = url,Web Page Address

    I suspect the area im concerned with is the:
    "adminPropertyPages = 2,{6dfe648b-a212-11d0-bcd5-00c04fd8d5b6}"

    Another possibility could be in the:
    "attributeDisplayNames = member,Members"

    Would it have alot of involvement with C++ or COM? According to M$ "Each property page for a Display-Specifier object is a Component Object Model (COM) object. " taken from

    Any help is appreciated!!
    Last edited by LSD4me; 11th December 2008, 09:06.