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Logon Script Ntfs permission

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  • Logon Script Ntfs permission

    i wanted to know if by changing logon script ntfs permission in sysvol
    i could cause any problem in the replication ?
    or any other problem for that matter ?

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    Logon Scripts

    Due the fact that domain controllers, users, computer and other services using SYSVOL I wouldn’t change the NTFS permission on it.
    In addition, if you will try to upgrade to new operating system in the future, it may eliminate the option to upgrade - and the upgrade will fail.

    I think that you try to create "secret" logon script and due this fact, you do not like the idea that users can see the logon script.
    There option to convert the logon script to exe/com files and this would not allow the users to see there content.
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    Yuval Sinay

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      thank you for the answer
      i didn't create a "secret" logon script the issue is that the logon script is inside a gpo that contains other logon scripts.
      i want that a spesific group of computer won't execute this script so i create a securiy group of those computer and gave the ntfs deny to read and execute this script to that group.
      i can't seperate this script to diffrent gpo becuse of a demand to minimize the amount of gpo in the domain.
      and i wanted to know if by doing so i can couse any replication problems ?


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        > want that a spesific group of computer won't execute

        Would it not be much nicer to build this exception into the script?