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Logical Forest Design?

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  • Logical Forest Design?

    anybody good with active directory?

    what would be the best logical forest design in this scenario

    3 domains in the UK
    2 domains in USA

    one of the domains in the USA requires service and data isolation from the UK domains. I originally wanted each seperate organisation to have their own forest like the diagram below but it doesnt seem possible as one of the forests in xsystems requires data and service isolation but is required to authenticate on the UK servers, I might have to just put the domain in question into it's own forest and have a one way trust to the UK domains, any idea's on this?

    also, do I even need those root domains for anything other than the DNS namespace? can I just have the 3 domains in the forest all on the top level?
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    Re: Logical Forest Design?

    this is how im thinking about setting it up... the problem is that the berkeleyresearch domain that requires service and data isolation is running on a unix server...... can I use a realm trust instead of a forest trust at that top level? and would it enable berkeley access to all domains in
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