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AD Integrated DNS issue

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  • AD Integrated DNS issue


    I just started doing IT work for a client who has their internal DNS domain name the same as their external DNS domain name (ie: internally and externally). I know, that's not best practices, and it's actually causing the issue I'm posting about right now.

    In our external DNS zone, you can type and, and they both hit the same IP address (we have an A record for www pointing to our webserver IP, and we have a "catch all" record pointing to our webserver IP). There are no problems accessing our website externally.

    Internal is a different story. We have a www A record in our local ADI DNS zone pointing to the internal IP address of our website. When users type internally, the page displays fine.

    However, when internal users type, they get a "page cannot be displayed". This is because the (same as parent folder) Host (A) DNS records created for our internal domain are pointing to our domain controllers, and not our web server.

    What is the best way for me to modify our DNS zone to have internal requests go to our Web server, and not our domain controllers? I know the "correct" answer is to not use the same DNS domain name internally as you do externally, but this isn't an option for this client. I'd prefer not to address this solution via HOSTS or LMHOSTS files either.

    Can I delete the (same as parent folder) Host A records for our domain controllers, and create a (same as parent folder) A record pointing to our webserver's internal IP address, without "breaking" anything? Is there a better way to do this?

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    Re: AD Integrated DNS issue

    You can't. You'll need to stick with prefixing www.


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      Re: AD Integrated DNS issue

      I would have to agree with Garen.
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