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Exchange 2003/ AD problem - need help!

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  • Exchange 2003/ AD problem - need help!

    I have a pretty messed up problem and hope this is the right area to post. If not can someone please move this. Thanks.

    Ok, on to the problem.

    We have three Domain Controllers in our network.
    1) Main office - DC/global cat
    2) Remote office - DC/global cat
    3) Remote office - Exchange 2003 DC/non-global cat - OWA running

    It looks like we have this USN rollback issue on a 2003 exchange box. (Due to a P2V hiccup when two exchange boxes were fired up with the same computer name)

    Current issues due to USN problem: I have a few users who can send mail but not receive. Everyone isn't being effected but a handful are. I would say the majority of email boxes are working fine.

    Here are my main questions:

    1) What will happen if I run DCPROMO on the exchange box? Will anything break?

    I have a virtual environment and have setup a secondary exchange box as a member server and joined it to the domain. I was planning to move my users to it but I can't get the store to fire up and I believe it's do to this rollback issue still on my main exchange box. I really need to know what will happen if DCPROMO is run to correct these replication issues.

    Edit: One more thing, I have looked at KB822179 but it doesn't say what exactly will not work. If IIS goes down its not the end of the world because I could just fire it up on the new exchange box. So if the only thing that blows up is IIS - I'm ok with that.

    Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Re: Exchange 2003/ AD problem - need help!

    I believe if Exchange is installed on a DC then it needs to be GC as well as this is the only controller that Exchange will talk to.

    Don't run dcpromo on that box as it will break Exchange. What errors do you have in the event log?
    This warning indicates that Exchange Server is running on a directory server that is not also a functioning global catalog server. This configuration is not supported, and it may cause Exchange services to fail.

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      Re: Exchange 2003/ AD problem - need help!

      Originally posted by AndyJG247 View Post
      Don't run dcpromo on that box as it will break Exchange. What errors do you have in the event log?
      Event ID 2095

      During an Active Directory replication request, the local domain controller (DC) identified a remote DC which has received replication data from the local DC using already-acknowledged USN tracking numbers.

      Because the remote DC believes it is has a more up-to-date Active Directory database than the local DC, the remote DC will not apply future changes to its copy of the Active Directory database or replicate them to its direct and transitive replication partners that originate from this local DC.

      If not resolved immediately, this scenario will result in inconsistencies in the Active Directory databases of this source DC and one or more direct and transitive replication partners. Specifically the consistency of users, computers and trust relationships, their passwords, security groups, security group memberships and other Active Directory configuration data may vary, affecting the ability to log on, find objects of interest and perform other critical operations.

      To determine if this misconfiguration exists, query this event ID using or contact your Microsoft product support.

      The most probable cause of this situation is the improper restore of Active Directory on the local domain controller.

      User Actions:
      If this situation occurred because of an improper or unintended restore, forcibly demote the DC.

      Remote DC:
      USN reported by Remote DC:
      USN reported by Local DC:

      For more information, see Help and Support Center at


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        Re: Exchange 2003/ AD problem - need help!

        A few more IDs:

        Event ID 1173, 1586, 2093 and 1863 (these are all the main ones)


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          Re: Exchange 2003/ AD problem - need help!

          I will request that a mod determines if this should be moved to the AD forum as I believe you will get a better response there as your problems are more specifically AD related.
          The primary issue is that you will lost exchange if you dcpromo it out. How much mail do you have? You could exmerge out mailboxes if it isn't too much.

          What is the error when you try and start the other store too?

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