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How to deploy J2E to access java web sites

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  • How to deploy J2E to access java web sites

    I have 1600 users who cannot get onto a few sites which are java based. Their screens keep coming up with the content blocked and a red crossed square in the top right corner. The rest of the site works except for this 'special content'.

    I think the J2E needs updating, if so how do you deploy it through AD, i believe it needs a transform file? what and how do you do these?

    Although I am running ISA 2000 and have blocked lots of compressed files etc i believe this not to be the problem but as you know in IT nothing can be ruled out. What do I need to unblock if this is the case?

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    If the JRE comes with an MSI installer then you might need to create an MST file but mor ethan likely it will come with a silent install option which you could use then push out through a GPO.

    I would be surprised if this is the issue though, if JRE is out of date then IE should prompt to upgrade\install. I would say that browser are locked down so they are not auto installing plug-ins.

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      Maybe this will help:
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