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    I have quite unusually issue, and I hope somebody here will be able to help.

    After I installed new domain, and Exchange 2007, for some reasons I had to uninstall Exchange 2007, and install it back. Old Exchange 2007 left 2 obsolete SIDs behind S-...-1111, and S-....-1113. These 2 SIDs are everywhere they have to be as Exchange SID Accounts (Groups) in Security Tab (example DNS, AD Site&Services..). I managed to remove most of them using ADSIEDIT, but I couldn't remove these 2 SIDs that are shown with admin acounts (Domain Admin, Enterprise Admin...). Whenever I remove from this groups, after sometime they're back.

    Any idea how can I remove these SIDs from admin Accounts/Groups. I'm sure what they do represent, so there is not any danger of deleting them.

    Thank you in advance for any help