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DNS issue for website with AD domain name

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  • DNS issue for website with AD domain name

    I am running a Windows 2003 Active Directory with the domain name for example. I'm running into issues viewing our website that is hosted by our isp with the same domain name as our AD domain name. To fix this I added a www and blank A record on my DNS servers pointing to the IP address of the web host. This works to get to the website, however the website has other A records such as Users inside the network are lead to a broken links while users outside the network can see the links.

    Now I could manually add and point that to my ISP's IP address and fix the problem. However, I don't know what other links are broken and I don't want to have to keep manually changing A records on my DNS server if I don't have to.

    How can I configure my DNS for workstations in my domain to look to outside DNS A records for "blank" and "www" look to outside DNS rather than internal DNS via Active Directory for my company's website, which is the same name as my AD domain name?

    I didn't try this, but is it as simple as just deleting the www and black A record on my DNS server to force the workstations to use outside DNS servers to find the website
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    Re: DNS issue for website with AD domain name

    Deleting the records won't work - the zone for exists on your internal DNS server and therefore all internal clients will use this server for that domain. The only way around this is to add A records for each subdomain, or to rename your AD domain, which isn't a task to be undertaken lightly.
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