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Migration of Group policies (GPOs)

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  • Migration of Group policies (GPOs)

    Hello everyone,
    I am in the middle of a migration from an AD domain to another.
    No problem in migrating group and users, but I don' find the way to migrate (or copy) GPOs from the old domain to the new one.
    Someone has any advice please?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Migration of Group policies (GPOs)

    The first result in Google is a document from Microsoft titled "Migrating GPOs Across Domains with GPMC". Did that not tell you what you need to know?
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      Re: Migration of Group policies (GPOs)

      Ops, you are right, it seems just what i need...
      Sorry, my research was:

      "active directory" migrate policies

      and that article did not show up, only other useless things...
      But my fault, bad research terms.

      Thanks a lot for the insight and your help.


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        Re: Migration of Group policies (GPOs)

        Here is a good place to start

        At the bottom of the page there is the 'See Also' section.

        What i'd to is manually back up the gpo's in the Group policy objects container, then move them over to the new domain.
        Open gpmc>group policy objects>manage backups
        You can restore each one individually but u might need to update unc paths, check security permissions and copy any files/folder from the NETLOGON share of the original server.
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