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Redirecting Start Menu

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  • Redirecting Start Menu

    I'm trying to use GPOs to redirect Start Menus to one I've created on the network, but it doesn't work. I'm using the Admin template.

    Any ideas?

    It's server 2003 & XP client.

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    What are the share and NTFS permissions of the folder you are redirecting to ?
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      Read, Read/Execute and list.

      I can map a drive to the share and the PC can access the files there. When I logoff, I notice it pops up with a synchronisation box, if that's any help.

      The path I've set is \\servername\redirection$\start menu and have entered this in the settings box. I've set it to Basic so that all users should have the same menu.



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        2 things to try,

        a) Remove the Space from Start Menu

        b) Under the share you have created, do you have the correct folder structure (i.e. \\server\share\programs\...) ?

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          a) I removed the space from "start menu". When I then logged in, the client came up with the Start Menu it looked good. However, when I clicked on Programs, there was nothing there. Logged off & back on, and the default Start Menu was there. Must've been a glitch.

          b) The structure is \\server\redirection$\startmenu\programs\"list of programs"


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            To make this work, do I need to remove all the programs that exist in ALL USERS and on the default profile on the client PC first, or should the policy change the Start Menu to reflect only the programs I've put in it?


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              I found an option under:

              User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Start Menu & Taskbar

              called Remove common program groups from start menu.

              Is it correct that enabling this, combined with the redirection setting, that the Start Menu displayed is the one I've created?