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moving FSMO roles

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  • moving FSMO roles

    I had our server go down so we replaced the HDD's and reloaded server 2003
    std and resored the system state.

    This brought all my active directory back but also showed all the installed
    programs what where loaded to this server, this caused numnerout problems so
    we setup a temp server and transfed the FSMO roles to it.

    We tested that i worked with out exchange box and a user logged on ok and
    viewed their email

    we proceded to reload the real server and transfered the FSMO roles to it
    BUT that not working

    we run manage your server and select add a role > Custom confguration >
    select Domain Controller, select additional domain controller for an
    existing domain.

    we enter the username, password and domain name, when I click next i end up
    with a box saying

    "an active directory domain controller for the domain "my domin name" could
    not be connected

    ensure that the dns domain name is typed correctly

    if the name is correct then click details for trouble shooting information

    iam at a loss and need to get the server up and running by 5pm sunday so its
    now urgent

    I used the transfer FSMO roles document off this site

    hope you can help
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    Re: moving FSMO roles

    two things.
    one make sure that the server you are trying to promote has in it's TCPIP settings the DNS server of the other DC that is currently online
    (assuming that that DC has DNS on it).
    2) try joining the machine to the domain b4 promoting it , I had seen few cases that this help the case of that specific error you are seeing.