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netbios resolution between parent/child Domains

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  • netbios resolution between parent/child Domains

    I have a name resolution question that is stumping me.

    I have an AD virtual network running in VMWARE Workstation 6 consisting of a parent DC and a child DC along with several clients and stand alone machines as members of the child domain.

    I have DNS configured on both the Forest root DC and on the child DC using delegation and conditional forwarders. I do not have any WINS servers configured. All machines have a static IP.

    Here is where the weird part starts.

    From within the child domain I can resolve all machines on the child domain and the parent DC by netbios name. However, from the Forest root DC I can only resolve machines by FQDN. Netbios name resolution does not work.

    My questions are:
    1. How does netbios name resolution work from within the child domain if no WINS servers are configured?
    2. How do I get netbios name resolution to work on my parent domain?

    I appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: netbios resolution between parent/child Domains

    I think I figured it out. I'm getting confused with netbios and hostnames. Since no WINS server is configured I realize I can't ping by a single name, it was related to the contiguous namespace. I am able to ping the machine without including the DNS root zone. Example:
    If my child DC is named serv1.test.trdom.local
    I am able to ping the machine as follows: C:\ping serv1.test


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      Re: netbios resolution between parent/child Domains

      the answer is very simple.
      it is not a netbios issue, rather a very simple DNS.

      the reason is b/c your workstations/servers are configured (that is what it is by default) in the TCPIP -> DNS -> "Append parent Suffixs of the Primary DNS Suffix".
      that means that if you ping a single labeled name (e.g. server1) it would automatically add the dns suffix of your domain ( and if it can't find the object there it would look in the parent suffix (
      now for the Root DNS domain there is no parent since he is the parent that is why.

      if you want there are many work around but a very simple one would be to configure in the workstations/servers in the TCPIP ->DNS -> Append these DNS suffixes (by order) and just add both domain names there.
      what that would do if you ping server1 it would automaticly add the 1st dns suffix on the list and if it won't find it it would continue on the list.
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        Re: netbios resolution between parent/child Domains

        Thanks, the workaround worked like a charm. I totally overlooked the advanced TCP/IP settings. I am not that familiar with DNS and I guess I never truly got the concept of appending DNS suffixes until your explanation. I figured the child domain names should resolve correctly from the parent if I delegated the Child DC and configured Forwarders on the child DNS server. Now I get the concept of how it works.

        Thanks again.