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Validate users in subdomain controller

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  • Validate users in subdomain controller

    Hi there!

    This is my very first post in this community but i've been using your help for quite a long time right now.

    I'm a newbie sysadmin from spain and i'm willing to study and deploy something i don't know yet how to do, that's why i'm here. Many thanks in advance to all of u.


    I have to deploy a solution for a bussiness who has 4 geographically apart locations. I will deploy a 2008 enterprise server domain controller clustered in 2 machines in the main site.
    I want to build a server in every one of the other 3 sites that validates the users of those sites without having to go through the VPN to check with the main domain controller.

    Ex. 1st main clustered domain controller validates users for domain in the main site.
    2nd, 3rd and 4th sub domain controller validate users for,, (...) domains.

    The thing here is, i have no clue how to do it.

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    Re: Validate users in subdomain controller

    the main question is, why do you want to create a sub domain on every site when they are all in the same company, just in different sites?
    What you can do is , build a Domain controller in every site of the same domain and configure the Site's IP subnets in the Active Directory, by doing so every Site Domain controller would validate it's Users/Workstations/Servers, and as a bonus all the domain controllers would share the same Info have a full nice DR in case that one goes offline.
    if that sounds a good idea for you and it meets your business needs that We can walk you through the process , after moving this thread to the Active Directory Section.


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      Re: Validate users in subdomain controller

      Many thanks for your answer.

      So.. great! no need for multiple subdomains. That's nice, i'll try it that way.

      All i wanted is to keep private network traffic between sites as low as possible, and now i'm going to see how much traffic between sites an exchange 2007 client consumes.

      I'll post my next question in the exchange section.

      Many many thanks Akila