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ESX Server and AD DNS

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  • ESX Server and AD DNS


    I would like to know the best way ti implement DNS on a Active Directory Integrated DNS. I thought about using split DNS. Where one section would be integrated and the other would not.

    Any ideas.



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    Re: ESX Server and AD DNS

    VMware virtualization has little, if nothing, to do with your question. I suggest moving this question to the Active Directory forum.
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      Re: ESX Server and AD DNS

      C'mon m8.

      You've posted here before so should know the rules.

      Moved to the AD forum.


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        Re: ESX Server and AD DNS

        1st of all ESX has little if at all anything to do with your question, nex time post it in the Active Directory section.

        as for your question.
        I so no reason why splitting the DNS , but if you still want it split it could be done easily.

        to integrate the DNS in the AD you need to right click on the DNS zone you just created and chose properties, then click on the check box "active directory integrated". then you are done.

        for spliting the DNS you need to create on the other dns server a secondary zone of the same name and assgin the IP of the primary DNS which it would pull the zone from.
        don't 4get to allow zone transfer on the primary DNS server.