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Sending message to all my DC users

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  • Sending message to all my DC users

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a way to send my AD users a message. I'm not talk about "net send" I need something that will pop a message to their windows desktop when i want to...
    Do u know of anything like that?

    10 All!

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    Re: Sending message to all my DC users

    Since Microsoft's Messenger service is disabled in most cases and is completely gone in Vista I deploy this application to users that I wish to be able to send notices. It's free and works similarly to Net Send.

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      Re: Sending message to all my DC users

      Maybe you can use msg.exe to send a popup message to each computer?
      MSG.exe does not use the messenger service.
      (I think - the UDP 138 port must not been closed for the local subnet in the client's firewall to be able to receive the messages).

      simple sample
      (you could add dsget.exe or use dsquery in the batch - to query and to get the computer account names in AD. Or use vbs and you can get an input box for typing the messages).

      @echo off
      Set "listComputers=c:\computers.txt"
      Set "Message=from %computername% to %%* -Bla bla bla ti dom da! /Bye"
      For /f "delims=" %%* in ('type "%listComputers%"') Do (
          "%windir%\system32\msg.exe" * /server:%%* /v %Message%
      msg.exe works fine here for sending popup short messages to servers. No problems with firewall on the servers and it runs fast. But in our office I have configured a firewall policy for the client's. I can't use msg.exe that easily. A few years a go, once for sending a "reminder message" (were you can prepare the popup in advance) I used a vbscipt that copied a smaller script to each \\computer\c$\ and remotely scheduled to run once the small script interactively on the computer. Instead of the scheduler, you might could use psexec to directly run the popup script interactively on the remote computers. A script that connects to each computer won't run very fast though.


      a few other alternatives

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        Re: Sending message to all my DC users

        10x it was very helpful