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  • Domain Admin Rights ?

    I am a network admin in my company I always use DOMAIN ADMINSTRATOR account to login all the employee system however one of our employee made a tight security on his system that I can only login to his system by using domain adminstrator account he restrict domain adminstrator account to access the polices of his system and c: drive i am so shocked how a user can do all this please tell me how can i access his system policies and C: drive I checked C: properties but I am unable to find security option to take ownership...

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    Is the system still added to your domain? Normally, if it is, you can access it with your admin account.

    You can also use Group Policy to add your account to the Administrator group if the user logs on to the domain.

    Do you know the local Administrator password? If you do, you can add the domain admin group locally.


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      No I dont know the local admin password and that computer is still on my domain and i have only domain administrator password ?


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        Use group policy to add the Domain Admins group back into the local admins group, (also use it to rmeove his account from local admins !!!!)

        You could use the login script as this user is obviously an administrator on the client.

        Add this to your login script (if you use VB)

        Set wshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
        wshShell.Run("net localgroup Administrators /Add ""MYDOMAIN\Domain Admins")

        Then use GP to lock it down so he can't do it again.

        * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"