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  • AD Sites Query

    I need my desktops in our DR site to authenticate to DC's that are located in that site (the DR site) and the desktops in our main site to authenticate to the DC's in the main site.

    Currently the desktops in the DR site are on their own subnet and the desktops in our main site are on their own subnet.

    The servers (both in our main site and DR site) however are all on the same subnet, even though they are located at different sites.

    I know that I need to create a new subnet for the DC's at the DR site but i am not sure how to associate the Desktop subnet at the DR site to the new subnet for the DC's at the DR site - the way i have done it beofre the desktops and DC's would both be on the same subnet at each site and would therefore know to authenticate to the DC's located in its site in AD sites and services.

    In my situation on the desktops and DC's in each site are both in different subnets so how will they know that the DC's in a subnet are associated with them. - hope you can understand what i am saying

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: AD Sites Query

    If I undestand correctly:

    Sites/Services - just create subnets in there for each block and assign them to the correct site.


    Servers Normal - /24
    Desktops Normal - /24
    Servers DR - /24
    Desktops DR - /24

    Site Normal /24 /24

    Site DR /24 /24

    You need to move the DC's in the DR site to their own subnet though and let replication take place.

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      Re: AD Sites Query

      Thought that might have been the case but wasnt sure.

      Thanks for the tip.