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Active Directory DNS

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  • Active Directory DNS

    Looking for some advice on DNS Servers in Active Directory. I want to install a second DNS Server in our domain. Since AD DNS is dynamic, if I install a second DNS Server do they replicate to each other automatically? Can I use 1 dns Server in the forest for all domains in the forest?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Active Directory DNS

    If you want to install secondary DNS server, you need to add secondary DNS server to zone transfer list.
    I prefer to have all DNS servers as AD Integrated... maybe you have good reason why you rather prefer secondary DNS
    You must decide how much DNS servers you need in your inviroment. I prefer two DC and DNS per site.
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      Re: Active Directory DNS

      For DNS servers to replicate they need to be AD integrated. To be AD integrated DNS servers must be installed on a DC. If not on a DC you're limited to one way zone transfers from the master server to the secondary server.

      Yes you can use a single DNS server but it sounds like you have multiple domains and it would be crazy to have a single point of failure.


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        Re: Active Directory DNS

        if your DNS is AD integrated, then yes it would replicate automatically to the other DC as long as you installed a DNS server on that DC (in some cases even if the DNS server is not Installed it would replicate).

        as far as replicating the DNS zone to your forest , you would need to place the Zone in the ForestDNSZones Partition.