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Disable logon to specific domain

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  • Disable logon to specific domain

    I have a root domain with 2 child domains in the same forest (Root, Child1, Child2). It looks like from what I have read (I could be wrong), a user in Child2 domain can logon to Child1 domain because of the default two way transitive trusts between the domains.

    We would like to dedicate some workstations so that only Child1 domain users can use them. Is there a policy that can be used to accomplish this so that only domain users from Child1 can use these workstations?

    Thank you

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    Re: Disable logon to specific domain

    Users can not "log in" to a domain for which they have no user account in. Set up properly (or improperly), they can however be authenticated to access resources in the trusting domain (the domain with the resources in it which you want them to stay out of).
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