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AD 2000 Upgrade to 2003 vs. fresh Install?

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  • AD 2000 Upgrade to 2003 vs. fresh Install?

    hi all , I have domain 2000 and forest 2000, I have to options, either upgrade the domain/forest to 2003 or create a new forst/Domain 2003 and migrate the users to them.

    my question is, is there any difference in a forest/domain when Upgraded to a fresh Forest Domain Installation?

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    Re: AD 2000 Upgrade to 2003 vs. fresh Install?

    There are some differences but not something drastic and most of them could be changed after the Upgrade to match the fresh Forest-Domain Installation.
    here are few Examples of differences between an AD 2000 Upgrade to AD 2003 vs. fresh AD 2003 w/SP1.

    1) Tombstone life time, an upgrade from a 2000/2003 AD to a 2003 SP1 AD would still keep the Tombstone life time at 60 days, as it is by default on a 2000/2003 AD. rather if you do a fresh Installation of a 2003 SP1 AD from scratch the Tombstone life time is by default 180 days.

    2) Strict replication consistency is enabled only by default on Microsoft Windows 2003 DCs (not upgraded) that were promoted into a forest built as 2003 (not upgraded from 2000).

    3) Default values for the Default Query Policy,Forests that are upgraded from 2000 to 2003 will still utilize the 2000 default values.

    4)For forests upgraded from 2000 to 2003, any members of groups carried over are considered legacy. If a group has more than 5,000 legacy members, that group could experience issues replicating during an initial DCPROMO where it must replicate every object in its entirety or when promoting a new GC. Also, regardless of functional level, single LDAP modifications should be restricted to fewer than 5,000 at a time.

    5)some FRS settings and DNS, _msdcs is part of the main primary Zone rather then an external zone,there are few more which I can't recall at this point.
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      Re: AD 2000 Upgrade to 2003 vs. fresh Install?

      Thanks Akila for the Info..