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GPO security filtering not working

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  • GPO security filtering not working

    Hi all, bear with me on this explanation.

    I have a Windows 2008 server with the default domain policy enabled, linked (to the single domain on the machine), and enforced. I created another GPO for a group called "students" in which I want my settings in that GPO only applied to the Students group. Should work just fine right? Even if I link, enable, and enforce the new GPO it won't take the settings from it (example would be proxy settings in IE or a logon script).

    Running gpresult on a workstation (logged in as a user under the Students group as specified on the Security filtering for the GPO) shows that the policy is in effect for the machine, but none of the settings are coming across.

    I'm new to working with GPOs as last year with a Win2k3 domain I just worked with the Default Domain Policy. This year I'd like to leave the Default policy "stock" and create my own custom GPOs that will effect specific groups per Security Filtering. I think I'm doing things right but this is frustrating seeing my settings not take effect.

    Any ideas??

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    Re: GPO security filtering not working

    on what Workstations you trying to run the GPO (what OS)?
    maybe those specific settings have a Minimum OS requirements?
    if the Workstations are below Vista you need to run a Microsoft Patch on the WS , to be able to apply all the "Preferences" section in the GPO's on older WS then Vista.

    go through this link, you might find it helpful: