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Child Domains not able to see each other

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  • Child Domains not able to see each other

    Hi there,

    am stumped at the moment with this problem.

    2 child domains under a forest. Each is for a different office located in another city.

    City1 = office X
    City 2 = office Z

    The PDC is located physically in office X. Office X has no problem getting to office Z through start run > hostname etc, but when office Z tries to reach office X its a no go. Both Office's have their own DNS server.

    Also i was hoping to have it so in Network places, we could browse under both domains.

    2003 server OS

    Any help would be great! if you need any more info please ask.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Maxwell Shivers,

    Did you check forwarder on the Office Z DNS server ? If you have AD on VPN then that entry should be your root domain DNS server.



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      yeah the forwarder on Office Z DNS is pointing to the root DNS server at office x.
      each DC has its own AD for that particular office also.

      i also get this error, which suggests something else, which has come up to me in teh past along time ago
      its the error when trying to start/run from an office Z machine and connect to a office x Fileserver
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        Looks like the Z users have insufficient permissions on X. Could be a number of things:

        - Z\Domain Users is not a member of X\Users
        - nonstandard user rights (access from network, etc) on X

        Any particular reason why X and Z don't have the same domain? Makes life much easier!


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          I'm a bit confused here.
          You have 2 or 3 domains ? Which one is forest root ?
          Are DNS zones replicated to all DNS servers in the forest or zones are replicated to DNS servers inside it's own domain only ?

          A brief layout of your DNS setup could help.
          Guy Teverovsky
          "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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            Cheers Guys,

            All sorted, it was a small DNS issue and some local security settings on the office X server.

            oine domain would be much easier, have put the proposal in to management a week ago, but they not acting fast