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  • New Alias CNAME

    How do we set Alias name in DNS for 2 pcs or 2 servers in the Domain Controller end?

    Parent host is MIS_SS_08 AND Child host is MISSSE_08_5. I have assigned this parent host under alias name and target host is
    MISSSE_08_5. When I Switched off parent host, I cannot ping parent host
    from this child host. Please advise me on this. Thanks.

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    Re: New Alias CNAME

    Your asking how do you create an alias in the first sentence, but here you say

    I have assigned this parent host under alias name
    So you allready know how to create a DNS alias...........

    When I Switched off parent host, I cannot ping parent host
    Maybe you are missing some detail here for us. You switched off parent host, so you cannot ping parent host. Having 100 aliases wont help if its turned off. The dns server is just keeping record of what ip addresses are mapped to what names & directs queries where to look. How can it ping the parent if it is off?

    Similar to your host file on your local pc. You can create entries in there for quicker resolution of names, but the fact remains, if the host is off, you wont get a ping.

    Sorry if i am reading you wrong.


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      Re: New Alias CNAME

      Basically I want to migrate from CA software DSMr11.1 (desktop and server management) to DSMr11.2. Due to this, I have another another new widnows 2003 server for this. First I have disjoin live server name CADSM from DC and have to give same name to new sevrer. then I have to install CADSM software on this. the clients will communicate automatically to this server.
      Sometimes client have a problem to communicate this new server after the migration. Due to this, vendor asked me to configure alias cname for this. I hope you have a clear idea on thsi. please give me reply how to create alias cname for this. Thanks .


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        Re: New Alias CNAME

        a CNAME points to an A record not to an IP , so just right click on the DNS zone and create a CNAME pointing to an A record of your new/old Server as you wish (don't 4get to delete the old CNAME b4 you create a new one).