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Schema Role does not exist

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    Re: Schema Role does not exist

    PATHFILE does show up in sites and services.


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      Re: Schema Role does not exist

      Before you look at seize have you tried just transfering the role?

      *do a backup first*


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        Re: Schema Role does not exist

        I have attempted to transfer the role, but it fails with the error:

        The requested FSMO operation failed. The current FSMO holder could not be contacted. The transfer of the current Operation Master could not be performed.


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          Re: Schema Role does not exist

          Well You or somebody else deleted a DC without proper demotion.

          Or.... Although I think the questions don't have any use because it is stating that is has been deleted...
          Did you enabled the windows firewall on the DC's?
          What has changed since this problem started?
          Is there an AV installed which can do portblocking?
          Are the NIC's still working fine?
          Are all services up and running?
          Did you tried to reboot both DC's?
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