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  • AD for security/permissions

    Currently, we have a DotNetNuke(dnn) portal that we're using for our facility users to access the SQL Server Report Server. When they want to run a report they go to an app I wrote that has a dropdown list of reports, and a pickable list of facilities. The user picks Report A from the dropdown, then picks Building4 from the list, then hits run. It runs ReportA with the building number assigned to Building4 (no, it's not 4)

    The permissions table determines what will show in that pickable list of buildings. It looks at their dnnID and populates the list based on what we have in the database.

    What we'd like to do is something using AD instead. Rather than keep track of access for 100's of facility users, I'd like to somehow look at their AD Roles when they log in (the dnn portal currently had AD Authentication set up) and decide which reports each person can run based on what group they are in.

    Matt Cushing is a member of the following groups:

    How can I find out what groups I am in, so I can decide which reports to show? I'd like to give Building1 group access to Building1 reports. IT and AppDev aren't involved in reporting so I don't want to show them.

    ANY information you can provide will be MUCH appreciated. This is going to drive a lot of our future architecture.