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w2k server DC to w2k3 to ADMT or not to ADMT

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  • w2k server DC to w2k3 to ADMT or not to ADMT

    Greeting after a long hiatus.

    I think (hope) this is a short lived question... here goes.

    I have a w2k DC that has many issues from setup, hardware, software you name it. We have inherited a beautiful w2k3 machine that has been a File server under that domain. I want to make the new 2k3 machine the DC for our domain but I am thinking the old DC has too many problems just to migrate and I sure don't want any of the messed up configurations to be transfered. The old machine is still holding up the fort, barely. The file server is still doing it's job as well and they both need to continue throughout this process.

    Can I build a DC out of the files server without disturbing its job as file server under the old DC? Can I do this while the old DC is still cranking through in that capacity? After the new DC is ready to go, can I just demote and promote?

    Or maybe I just need to ADMT... I don't know....

    I would appreciate your input... Thank you....


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    Re: w2k server DC to w2k3 to ADMT or not to ADMT

    Hi there
    I would not use admt unless absolutely nothing else works. But then it depends a bit on what you want to acheive.
    If Active directory is working as expected just promote the fileserver as DC move all FSMO roles and reinstall or retire the old DC. It will function as a fileserver as well as a DC, with dns and dhcp of needed and even a printserver but do not install anything more like IIS.
    Use ADMT when moving a machine to another domain (and all pc's, and all users, and all user profiles.)
    Hope this helps


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      Re: w2k server DC to w2k3 to ADMT or not to ADMT

      Got it... 'makes sense.... and clarifies a few things too.