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DC and wireless users

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  • DC and wireless users

    First question :
    How can I log on to an workstation as a domain user if on pc I have only an wireless card? There is any way to start the wireless client as a service and the authentication to be made before user logs on? The wireless security is WPA2 Enterprise (AES encryption plus radius authentication)

    Second one :
    I have some users that use their laptops on office and sometimes at home. I want that on office their home path to be on a remote location and when they are at home to use an local account that contains all the users data from remote location. When they come back to office I want to synchronize the local user home with the one found in the remote location. For the moment I don't have an VPN solution for this people.

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    Re: DC and wireless users

    1) Depends on driver's utilities. Intel ones you can set as a service, haven't seen a way to set Linksys ones as a service though.

    2) Folder sync would work I'd imagine. Never really messed w/ it though.
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      Re: DC and wireless users

      1. The user's profile should be cached after they have logged in for the first time. Have the user log in via LAN line for the first time and configure their profile. Then they can log on to the laptop and the wireless will connect them automatically.

      2. I think you would want to use Offline files for this.
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