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Windows domain alias?

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  • Windows domain alias?


    This is my first post on Petri! Just like to introduce myself as Ben.

    Two questions.

    I am testing a 2008 terminal server. I'm slightly frustrated by having to enter the windows domain name followed by the user name into rdc 6.1 all the time to access ts web and run apps. Eg verylongdomainname\username. I've tried entering the domainname into TS configuration, log on settings but for some reason it won't carry forward the username into the session login, only the domain name.

    I was wondering if it's possible to have a second shortend domain like vldn instead of verylongdomainname but it means the same thing?


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    Re: Windows domain alias?

    I believe that you can add another UPN to your domain and use that instead of the current UPN. You can then log on as [email protected] instead of verylongdomainname\username.

    FYI: The sign on parameters are a function of the RDP client, not the server.


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      Re: Windows domain alias?

      Can't be that long, the netbios name is limited to 15 characters.


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        Re: Windows domain alias?

        That simple, Just what I was looking for! thank you very much!