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    Hello Community, Active Directory Engineers;

    I need your help as I search for a Active Directory Engineer. I frequently have needs for professionals with your expertise. I hope you welcome me and allow me to post great opportunities for your review in the future. All of the pertinent information is in an attachment. Feel free to contact me directly. Thank you and I hope I am within the guidelines of the forum.

    If interested Please leave a notify me [email protected] and feel free to share with other members of the community.

    Our client is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high
    productivity mining equipment for surface and underground mining.
    Equipment is used for mining coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands and
    other minerals. In addition to machine manufacturing, our client
    manufactures high-quality OEM parts and provides world-class support
    services for its equipment. This position will be located at the
    headquarters in the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Job Description:

    JOB TITLE: Active Directory Engineer- Information Technology


    Responsible for the global Active Directory design, architecture,
    security, migrations, and consolidations. Responsible for

    the ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancement of a complex
    enterprise Active Directory environment.


    1. Provides expert judgment and analysis for Global Active Directory
    design, architecture, security, migrations, and

    Consolidations that employ solutions to company business needs.

    2. Resolves highly complex technical issues and conducts advanced
    research applicable to an enterprise Active Directory infrastructure.

    3. Recommends alterations to development and design that improve
    quality of systems and/or procedures, and provide ongoing support,
    maintenance, and enhancement of a complex enterprise Active Directory

    4. Fitting forest and/or Organizational Unit (OU) structure to
    support organizational needs.

    5. Delegating authority within a distributed OU management structure.

    6. Modifying (extending) the AD schema to meet specific location /
    user needs.

    7. Managing root Group Policies (GPOs) and assisting OU
    administrators with GPOs while maintaining the highest standard of
    infrastructure security at all times.

    8. Create and maintain Active Directory design and operations

    9. Provide level III help desk support relating to the above

    10. Planning and managing the execution of special IT projects.

    11. Adhere to and help shape policies and procedures, as well as
    implement appropriate controls and compliance monitoring to
    effectively deliver and safeguard information assets.

    12. Supervise, direct, and provide training for direct report(s).



    Must be highly effective in this area by managing multiple tasks at
    one time through above average organizing and planning skills. Must
    be able to prioritize and follow-up effectively on routine and new or
    unusual tasks for self and direct reports.


    Must be capable of communicating through oral, written, and
    interpersonal relationships with personnel inside and outside the
    company. Must have good understanding and experience as to which form
    of communication should be used.


    Must be able to cooperate with a variety of personnel at all levels
    and locations of the organization, as well as personnel outside the


    Must be effective in this area. Primary task will involve training,
    giving instructions, coaching, and counseling others in order to
    improve performance and productivity on tasks.


    Design, architecture, and migration of a global Active Directory
    infrastructure with multiple worldwide locations.


    Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related curriculum or
    equivalent combination of education and experience.
    MCSE certification in Microsoft Windows Extensive knowledge of
    Microsoft security best practices and (overall) network security
    models as they relate to Active Directory. Currently using MS 2003 if
    experience with MS 2008 excellent! Not required
    Experience in successfully executing a full spectrum of AD migrations
    (legacy AD to new AD and non-directory enabled environments to AD).


    Minimum of 8 - 10 years experience in Information Technology.
    Minimum of 6 - 8 years hands-on experience managing a large-scale,
    multi-location enterprise Windows Active Directory infrastructure.

    Must be willing to travel 50-80% and currently have a demonstrated
    history of travelling internationally
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    Re: Active Directory Engineer

    Salary dude - you forgot to mention salary.

    For my own and your protection, I do not provide support by private message under any circumstances. All such messages will be deleted and ignored.

    Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you


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      Re: Active Directory Engineer

      If you wish to advertise for staff then please contact the management to discuss the amount of remuneration you will provide for using this site as a recruitment tool.
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