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Changing the UID remembered by AD/SFU

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  • Changing the UID remembered by AD/SFU

    Hi All,

    I recently was testing a connection to my DC from a linux box and foolishly added an extra digit to the default UID created under the Unix atributes tab in AD, so that i could see if the changes would be reflected immediately when using a getent on the passwd db from linux. HOwever, now whenever i add a new user it starts at 100,000 and something instead of being in the 10,000s - i've tried looking for the attribute using ldp and adsi edit - but i'm not good enough with either tool to find a vaule in AD without knowing the attribute.

    Can someone point me in the right direction as to where these values will be stored? I'm assuming somehwere in the AD otherwise different DCs would issue different numbers when creating new users - i just cant seem to find it - i just want to change it back to the correct value and keep my existing uid numbering going, without skipping 90,000 UIDs

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Re: Changing the UID remembered by AD/SFU

    No ideas on this one yet? Can anyone tell me how to search AD on the value of all attributes? That way i could just search for the last UID value assigned and it could tell me the attirbute it corresponds to. I just don't know how to search AD without knowing the attribute to start with.