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Extracting reports (possibly in DB) the info in AD domain

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  • Extracting reports (possibly in DB) the info in AD domain

    Hi, I am looking for a tool that could able to generate reports and able to pull information to store in some database about users, groups, access level etc. in AD domains comprising 10-20 AD domains and 10,000(or more) users/groups.

    Los Angeles.

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    Firtsly i would check the Microsoft script repositry for getting info out of AD and then have a search for ODBC database stuff. I've done it for creating a database of staff info from AD.

    Its quite easy if you've done a little bit of scripting before.

    EDIT: Link to MS scripting

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      What information about the domains do you want to place in the DB ?

      Are you looking for a metadirectory product (like DirXML or LDSU) or just want to pull some info about directory metadata (trusts, config, etc...) ?
      Can you be a bit more specific ? (I guess an example can help).
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        Thank guys for responding to posting.

        Short of provisioning tool from CA named eTrust.

        Tool should able to pull users, groups, group access information and bunch of other useful information about AD domain from multiple domains.

        I hope this will give some idea.