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ADMT Migration to Child Domain

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  • ADMT Migration to Child Domain

    Hi All,

    I have a big migration plan in front of me in next couple of weeks. We have a setup of around 75+ separate domains in our organization & we are planning to migrate all those domains to a single domain.

    Here is the scenario about the migration

    We have a corporate domain ( & it has child domain (
    we have separate project domains,, etc which we want to migrate to the child domain (
    we have already created all users accounts on corporate domain ( which include users from project domains also for accessing corporate resources like Mail, Proxy, PeopleSoft, Oracle etc.

    i can successfully migrate Computers & security Groups on the child Domain without any error. But when I try to migrate users I get the below mention error

    2008-08-10 21:22:53 Renamed UPN name from [email protected] to [email protected]. Cannot create accounts with the same UPN name as another UPN in the enterprise.

    I am running ADMT 3.0 from Child Domain after logging with admin credential of source domain.

    it create the user account on Child domain but it add 0 at last in userPrincipalName which i have to manually change for each user account. Also it take the UPN suffix of parent domain which also I have to change.

    As of now I am modifying UNP through script but isn’t there anyway where I take the UNP of Child domain or Im doing something wrong.


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    Re: ADMT Migration to Child Domain

    ADMT is not that flexible, but maybe what you can do is during Migration exclude the migration of the UPN assuming the new user would receive the new domains default UPN which I understand from you that is what you want, is that correct?
    Now why would you create the User b4 the migration? would it not be better to just migrate the user? (or I got you wrong)


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      Re: ADMT Migration to Child Domain

      thanks for the reply. I will surly give it a try.

      Regarding users creation on parent domain. that is our corporate policy where we create users after they are hired. It is done so that they can access resourcess like Peoplesoft, Oracle & emails. I know that this is very complex setup but that is the only reason we are going for domain consolidation on a single domain.


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        Re: ADMT Migration to Child Domain

        we also have a very similar policy of creating users before the migration to access emails, report work hours, etc.
        but what we do is on the Cut-over day (migration) we delete those users and recreate them by the migration (migrate them).
        maybe you would like to consider doing the same.

        if you would like more Flexible Migration tool (Which ByTheWay also has specific options for a UPN) you may want to consider
        using "Migration Manager for Active Directory" by "Quest Software", If I were you having to Migrate 75 Domains I would seriously look into it and I am sure you'd be able to get the Budget for this tool as part of the Project Budget.
        This tool is much more flexible and has Options for UPNs and it's strong part is Sync between domains for long period Migration projects (Side by Side domains living until migration is done letting all users from either side to be able to access resources on either domains).
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