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Recovery of AD if Upgrade fails from wk3 to 2003

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  • Recovery of AD if Upgrade fails from wk3 to 2003

    OK finally my management give go ahead for this upgrade, I had asked this forum Qs before about the upgrade and got very meaning full answers, One thing I didn't ask is disaster recovery, here is my case

    I am considering the upgrade of our existing AD which is win2000 based, we have two DC and Exchange 2000 on win2000 machine,
    I have decided to upgrade DC first, here is what I am planning to do,

    1, Get new Dell Poweredge with win2003 on it installed (we get good deal on them),
    2, from the 2k3 OEM CD run forestprep and domainprep on the Primary DC,
    3, Run DC promo on the new 2k3 machine and join existing AD,
    4, transfer the FSMO role from primary DC which is win2000 based to new machine which is win2003 based,
    5, If everything goes well demote both the older DC,
    6, fresh install win2k3 on one of the old DC machine and join the AD,

    I am also thinking of ghosting the Primary and secondary DC before I began the whole thing,

    Now my questions are: is it possible to pop in ghost Disks to both DCs to bring everything back to how it was in the beggining, has somebody did this before? "Guyt" has last time told me not to do it but I like to have other people say also, "Guyt" please don't mind its just for my confirmation,

    If ghosting is not the right option how do I recover my AD? We have successful system state backup of both the DCs but I don't know how to restore from them as I have not done this before,
    If I reinstall win2K on both the older DCs what restore I have to do (authoritative or non-authoritative?) and do I have to reinstall both the DCs at all or just one DC reinstall and then restore is fine?
    Is there an instructions on or any other website about this kind of scenario?
    Basically, what I am looking for is a direction if my upgrade fails,

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    Re: Recovery of AD if Upgrade fails from wk3 to 2003

    Make sure you read this.

    If it is R2 make sure you run Forest and Domain prep from the R2 CD.
    Run DCDiag and Netdiag and make sure there are no errors before the upgrade. Don't demote one of the 2000 boxes for a couple of days to make sure everything is synced properly. The other you want to wipe and upgrade fairly quickly to get 2 x 2003 AD boxes syncing. Backup the new 2003 box as soon as it has been up for a bit as well.

    Ghosting DCs is a bad idea so make sure you have full backups instead. It is very, very rare for there to be problems but you never know.

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Recovery of AD if Upgrade fails from wk3 to 2003

      Your backup/Restore plan should be divided into two question or Disaster Situations.

      1) What Disaster restore plan I should perform if I have problems during the /Forestprep /DomainPrep part?
      2) What Disaster restore plan I should perform if I have problems
      with joining a 2003 DC into my existing 2000 Domain?

      Situation 1:
      You should backup both DCs at the same time (or all DCs if you got more) their system state and System volume (usually Drive C), then prepare your AD 2000 for schema extension , etc. live with this 2000 AD after extension let's say for a week or two, and see if there is any impact what so ever.
      If something goes bad you must restore both DCs to the same point in time - Authoritative restore would not help you out here if you do it only on one DC, Schema works a bit different then an ordinary AD objects.

      Situation 2:
      Create a backup of one of your DCs , maybe better both DCs (just in case), Join the 2003 DC into the domain (Promote it), if something goes bad then demote it, if for some reason you can't demote it then shut down the 2003 DC (after you made sure no FSMO roles are left on it) and format it's Drive (you can also try using "dcpromo /forceremoval") and remove the DC from the Active Directory Metadata.
      I don't see why you would need to use the backup files but better have them then finding out later you actually need them.
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        Re: Recovery of AD if Upgrade fails from wk3 to 2003

        Thanks, Akila and Andy, for reply,

        What do you think about my upgrade plan I have? will it work for me?

        Andy, thanks about Exchange Mangled attrib, is there anything else I should keep in mind,

        Also can somebody give me some links or documents about plan of action needs to be done with AD restore, basically I have Veritas full back up on both DC, I am have not done any AD restore before.