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Problems with LDAP connector to McAfee EPO (Was: hi all)

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  • Problems with LDAP connector to McAfee EPO (Was: hi all)

    Am realatively new to vmware and am just now testing it.My first installation went well, untill i did an installation of the McAfee ePolicy orchestrator.

    Within this application am required to create and LDAP/AD connection to pull the users, the error i get during this process is that the AD is unreacheable.

    I have the removed the host machine from the domain, and added it again, I also removed the virtual server guest from the domain and added it again.

    Still amde no difference, am able to logon to both guest and host, using domain admin accounts with no problem.

    I have also confirmed that the epo application is indeed supported on vmware.

    My env looks thus:
    1)my vmware server host is windows xp sp2
    2) my vmware guest is windows 2003 server sp1

    This as you might have guessed is a test thing/demo.

    Any insight to this will be very appreciated.


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    Re: LDAP Query Question for McAfee AV

    1st of all the Post title is totally outrages.
    can you pleas post the Query you are using?