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Help needed to modify values in AD

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  • Help needed to modify values in AD

    Can anyone please help... I have been thrown in at the deep end and need to find an answer quickly.
    I need to find a script to modify 3 seperate areas of a users account in AD. I have about 700 users to modify in 3 phases.

    1st change... Under the 'profile' tab, I need to remove the drive letter and path that is entered for 'Home folder' (currently it is set to Z: drive pointing to \\fileserver\Users\%username%)

    2nd change... Under the 'Terminal Serives Profile' tab I need to add a drive letter and path under 'Terminal Services Home folder' (needs to be set to Z: pointing to \\fileserver2\Users\%username%)

    3rd change... Again under 'Terminal Services Profile' tab I need to change the 'Profile Path' for a new server (changing from \\fileserver\Profile\%username% to \\fileserver2\MandatoryProfile)

    I am running Windows Server 2003 SP2 with a single DC if that helps

    The first phase is only 50 users so I can do this manually but it is ment to happen tomorrow! The other two phases are for 300 and 350 users each so I am sure you understand the plee for a script to assist. If I need to provide any further information, please just ask.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Help needed to modify values in AD is the answer.