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Problem joining the domain and Secondary DC

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  • Problem joining the domain and Secondary DC

    Hi all:

    I'm trying to building a secondary DC in windows 2003. The primary one has been configured and online. The problem is I can't pass the "Network Confidential" step when creating additional one. It gave me the common DNS error, "No host(A) records in dns" or " DC is located but no working" something.

    Actually the DNS has all the records and is working fine, but it turned out that I found even with that I couldn't join the domain, it gave me the same error, but I could join the workgroup by NetBios name. Because I just started this new job, I found in the whole network, all the machines (NT, 98 or 2000, 2003) cannot join the domain, but by NetBios is fine.

    So I don't know if there is any wrong configuration in the primary DC, either in AD or DNS.

    Thanks for any hints.


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    Did you check the SRV records in DNS?
    How is the zone configured?
    Eli Leibzon